The Transformative Futures for Water Security (TFWS)

The Transformative Futures for Water Security initiative (TFWS) is a South-South dialogue process co-convened by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

Water security is key to our collective future, yet many parts of the world today are deeply water-insecure. Without immediate and bold action, water insecurity is set to worsen.

Amidst growing global water insecurity, Transformative Futures for Water Security (TFWS) recognizes the urgency for decisive action. Water security is pivotal for our shared future, yet numerous regions face significant challenges. Immediate, bold measures are imperative to address and mitigate worsening water insecurity.

TFWS adopts a mission-oriented approach, forming alliances that drive high-ambition, collective actions. These coalitions seek to align and converge knowledge, research, policy, business, and on-the-ground implementation to ensure safe, just and sustainable future water security.

In the past year, TFWS has successfully brought together representatives from diverse sectors, including the private sector, water users and advocacy groups, research institutes, political entities, and youth networks. This collaborative effort has aimed to identify critical gaps and opportunities in water research, policy, and action.

From the TFWS consultative dialogues emerged eight missions around which are rallying new alliances for water security:

Transformative Futures for Water Security (TFWS) high-ambition missions and transformative levers

Our Commitment to the Water Action Agenda for future water security

In March 2023, IWMI submitted the eight missions as its commitment to the UN 2023 Water Conference Water Action Agenda. The high-ambition missions will deliver impact at scale by aligning applied research, youth leadership, policy change, inclusive development, private sector action, and investment. Our approach involves forming mission-driven alliances around each objective, leveraging the support of key stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to the Water Action Agenda, IWMI and its partners are actively establishing mission-driven coalitions. These coalitions serve as catalysts for implementing the missions and promoting collaboration among various stakeholders. With IWMI’s support, TFWS stakeholders will establish Regional and National Coalitions, further complemented by the formation of a TFWS Global Coalition. Enabling structures, strategically designed to coordinate and govern the initiative effectively, will reinforce the coalitions.

Read the TFWS four-pager brief:

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